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Packaging & Sampling Policy

Being a quality driven company, we have strict quality control mechanism to ensure the best stone quality.

We get wooden crates with good quality, chemically treated seasoned wood as per the International regulations. The crates & the containers are being fumigated before dispatch as per International Fumigation Standards ISPM – 15, besides we always send pictures of material that we are dispatching, pictures of packed wooden crates, and pictures of the packed container for safe lashing inside the container.

Packaging of slabs are separated individually by plastic sheets to protect against scratches & well packed in wooden crates/pallets/bundles. Polished Faces are properly covered, and we take all necessary steps to ensure that polished slabs reach safely to their destinations.

Surface of each slab/tile is protected by using a thin polythene sheet while tightly stacking them in a wooden crate. This protects the polished surface of stones from dust particles between two tiles. Each wooden crate is first in-lined with thin polythene sheet to protect the "stones" from staining from wooden planks or from any other feature, then it is in-lined with thermocol sheet along horizontal planks to protect natural stones against damage from wooden planks or nails. Any loose gaps are tightened with filling material like wood, hardboard, foam-sheet, etc to protect stone slabs/tiles from colliding with each other.

Packaging of 10mm or 15mm tiles which are very thin to break: 6-10 such tiles are first packed in cardboard boxes. These boxes are then tightly stacked in the wooden crate. In case of softer but costlier stones like polished marble or granite tiles in 10mm thickness, 5-10 such tiles are first packed in Styrofoam (thermocol) boxes and then tightly stacked in wooden crate.

If required, we barcode each stone tile to facilitate our customers.

Shrink Wrap Packaging: We offer our customers shrink wrap packaging on demand.

Customized Stone Packaging: If the customer has anything more specific, regarding the packaging of the natural stones then your instructions are most welcome….we will definitely do as per your instructions.

Marks of the wooden crates: If the customer wants his own brand on the wooden crates/pallets/bundles, we welcome instructions in advance.

Sampling Policy

In the initial days, we invested huge sum of money in offering free samples, courier cost etc. But , the result was not profitable rather it hardly tuned any query to a deal. We did not receive any feedback from the parties regarding likes or dislikes of the samples sent or the price quoted, thus leading to disappointments on our part. However, we have amended the above policy to serve our customers better.

Now the customer has to pay only the courier charges. The cost of courier is reimbursed to our customers once they place their order with us.