About Us

Imperial Intercon, a second generation, high quality, efficient and state of the art Mining Company is a family owned and operated firm with a clientele of both National and International Organizations.

We believe in Ethical Trading and all our products are CE Marked, which indicate conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection.We are engaged in Mining, Manufacturing and Exporting high-quality Indian Natural Stones including Granite, Marble, Slate, Sandstone, Limestone, and Quartzite.

Imperial Intercon strives to provide the best quality Natural Stone and is known all around the world for securing high-quality reserves of natural and quarried stones in a huge variety of colours, textures and precise cutting.

Being in this industry since 1985 and expanding day by day, we are continuing our legacy by turning natural stones into works of architectural character. We are known for our excellence in cutting and fixing of Marbles, Granite, Sandstone and Garden Ornaments for floor or wall cladding and our products are known for their strength, durability and aesthetic value. Our commitment to the quality of our work will outstand decades while adding measurable value as ours is a foundation based on family values that are carrying the company into its second generation of leadership and craftsmen.

We have served years in the Gulf Countries in the field of construction wherein even 5mm tolerance is not permitted; this itself speaks for the amount of precision we provide.

Materials we use:

Best quality and impeccable stones are extracted from our own mines. The stones are then moved to our fabrication unit where they are crafted to the demands of our clients by very skilled and experienced labor.

Sandstone in itself has a glorious history and has a huge demand worldwide. It has been used in various historical monuments like the famous Gwalior fort, Mitawali temple, Ladheri gate in Gwalior etc.

Why Us:

Imperial Intercon is a team of dedicated young engineers who have a fine knowledge of stoneworks and have a glorious legacy of the company behind them.

We are known for handling every project, be it big or small, with extreme precision and quality. Our belief in perseverance and customer satisfaction ignites a fire in us to provide the finest quality products at the lowest possible prices that are Ethically Sourced.