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Reclaimed Items (Used & Antique for Export)

Like they say "Old is Gold". There is a charm and a splendid aspect attached to collect the aged and inherited goods and items. There are many people who buy the latest fashion and the most trending items for their homes and offices. However the tasteful individuals who by all means collect the most distinguished and regal stuff that speaks about its life, the ups and downs and the old world charm. This aspect is completely priceless and unmatched.

Gone are the days when recycling and reusing things was considered bad. These days most of the people fall in love with the old charm of re-collected goods and items that talk about their eminence and the celebrated elegance. We very well understand this thought and offer the products from the period era that are kept and preserved in the best of their conditions, offering a complete make-over to your home, transforming it into a classy affair altogether.

For the ones who have a taste and vigour to collect re-claimed goods and items, we offer our reliable and unique services, wherein we source the best and the most dependable products and offer them to you, in the best of the pricing.

We are one of the most established and mature reclamation companies, offering our precincts to the global markets since over a decade now. We offer goods and products of the various genres such as architecture, antiques, garden equipments and much more that are all classy, undamaged and elegant pieces that are just too timeless to be missed out.

Some of our forte lies in offering re-claimed products such as antique bricks, stones and stone work pieces, sophisticated bird baths, innovative sandstone paving's, wooden flippers that are used to create fences for your garden that look absolutely striking, antique canyons, urns, troughs and much more that are delivered with a class from our reliable and trusted vendors located all over the globe.

We have a specialized collection to enhance and beautify your gardens, making them turn into architectural marvels, by placing the most arty and splendid pieces that speak for themselves. You can choose from various sculptures and fences that are old enough to be spectacular and graceful.

Get prepared to buy the finest of the products in the best of their conditions, offered from various corners of the globe, right at your doorstep in the best of their condition. Get timeless pieces that are eternal and antique, offering the classiest appeal.

You can be rest assured about the quality and the prominence of these products, as we source them from reputed and well known vendors and direct clients who make sure the products are regal and royal enough for making a collection at your place, while you would surely fall in love with their distinction every day for sure!