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About Barley

Considered as one of the healthiest foods in the world, Barley offers a whole variety of nutrients that are essential for humans as well as animals. A good variety of Barley offers a good amount of benefits that can keep your colds at bay, in fact you will be surprised to know that a few of the small grains of this wonderful wheat cereal can offer an exquisite flavour, nutritional value, dietary fibre, manganese, copper, vitamin B1, phosphorous and much more!

Barley has been considered as an excellent source of energy and protein for cattle as well and we have been a pioneer name in the market offering the finest quality for cattle food. Barley contains the most common and least expensive processing methodology. That makes it an ideal ingredient of the cattle food. We have been offering a significant amount of Barley that is widely used in the cattle food in the Middle East and Gulf countries.

Barley is generally available in abundance in the market; however you need to be alert while buying the finest quality for the greatest benefits. We have been an eminent producer as well as Exporter of this wonder food since long now. We aim at offering the finest quality at the most convenient and competitive pricing. There is a huge demand of the supreme quality of Barley produce all over the Gulf countries as well as the entire Europe.

We have been backed up by the soaring demand of our fine quality of produce, wherein, we have been playing a vital role in supplying in bulk, whereas our quality standard have never ceased to impress our customers worldwide.

We have been reputed and sorted names in offering some of the finest quality in bulk amount within the mentioned and desired time frame since the last many years. At the moment the market is highly competitive with many new players and suppliers, although our clients rely and depend upon us, owing to the credibility we have been able to achieve with our out of the box quality produce and lower pricing.

Barley is malted well to be largely used in whiskey and other liquor forms too. The malt is derived into a frothy mash to brew alcohol and beer largely all across the globe. We produce and export the finest and premium quality of Barley that creates a thick and flavour full alcohol that are enjoyed and relished in the form of wines and beer. We have been offering the thickest density of the grain that has made most of our clients boost about the quality of liquor they produce.

Exploring the goodness of Barley with us:

We have been playing an imperative role by offering the most well adapted and diverse grown crops of Barley that is used in various forms in the market. Our clients use our produce in the cattle feed and to create some of the most exotic alcohol beverages.

We have been taking care of the entire life cycle of the Barley crop; starting from the process of seed germination, root emergence, until the leaves of the crop develops. We have been using numerous quality tillers to produce some of the most superior quality of Barley.

We are actively involved in the entire process that is both lengthy, tedious and time consuming, still we make it a point to reasonably price our produce and maintain the standards in the market. Get closer and explore through our range of Barley produce.


• Over the years, we have established tie-ups with several cultivators, processors and producers.
• In addition, we have associated with distributors and reputed logistics service providers.
• Hence, we are able to reach buyers all over India and regions like The Middle East, The Gulf and Europe.

Vendor Selection

Our entire vendor base comprises of producers who practice farming and process Agro Products at their state-of-the-art facilities under hygienic conditions. Other aspects we checked before associating ourselves with our vendors are as follows:

• Reputation
• Annual income
• Availability of technical and human resources
• Compliance with social standards


• Our company offer customized packaging solutions, as we understand each customer is different and has unique requirements.
• Apart from this, we ensure our products are packed securely under hygienic conditions to protect against mechanical damage and dust, contaminations, moisture etc.